MA – Education and Bible

BA – Education


University of Cordoba


Dr. Elena Gomez Parra – Spain Dr. Einat Leibal Hess – Israel


Initiating and managing studies for educator training in Orot
College in Israel, and Talmud and Bible lecturer in Bar Ilan



Matanya Yadid

The influence of educational systems on the shaping of religious identity in the adult age.

In the religious community in Israel, many changes have been taking place in the last twenty years, expressed in two opposing movements. On the one hand, religious radicalization, on the other hand, is a process of secularization.

The purpose of this study is to examine the influence of religious education systems on the shaping of the religious identity of graduates of this educational system. The study will focus on the ages of 23-30 starting from the end of the post-secondary frameworks and from academic studies onwards. The research is qualitative research and will deal with the process of forming the identity of the individual in relation to the specific sub-identity: religious identity and examining the changes that are taking place in the individual in relation to his religious identity.

The research will deal with the theoretical background of identity design in general and the design of religious identity in particular, which is expressed in the perception of religious faith and in the performance or non-performance of daily religious actions and the reasons and motivations for changes in religious belief in the adult age.